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Take PhenQ and Be Patient When Trying to Lose Weight

Along with increasing exercise levels, an appetite watcher may want to wait at least 20 minutes before helping himself to seconds during a meal. Researchers believe it takes that long for the brain to get the full message that the body has had enough.

Taking second helpings before the 20 minutes have elapsed, or even eating too quickly in that time, does not give the satiety mechanism time to “kick in.” One way to learn to eat more slowly is to force longer and longer pauses between bites, perhaps lasting up to two or three minutes. At least one study has shown that interrupting a meal with pauses leads to the consumption of fewer total calories, even if the person is permitted to eat as much as he or she wants after the break.

weight loss

Of course, all the safeguards in the world against an insistent appetite will not always be able to keep a weight loser from eating when it would be in his best interests not to. After all, even the strongest will power sometimes isn’t strong enough. If you are trying to reduce, bear in mind that when your appetite gets the better of you, you will be able to give yourself some slack and will view occasional episodes of unnecessary eating merely as temporary lapses rather than as proof that you are doomed to overeat forever.

It can be very helpful to take a natural diet pill like PhenQ. This is a weight loss supplement that can reduce the appetite without negative side effects. PhenQ diet pills can be very helpful when it comes to cutting out snacking and eating before meals or before bedtime. PhenQ is safe to use everyday and can be used as long as it’s necessary to reduce the appetite.

It’s helpful to think of it this way: Even indulging once in a while on a pint of premium ice cream on top of all the food you normally eat in a day would result in a weight gain of less than a third of a pound. Surely, then, the conscientious appetite watcher who occasionally gives in to his urges has no reason to believe he might as well give up learning to modify his eating habits altogether. Occasional lapses are simply too inconsequential to wreck what can just as easily turn out to be a successful, long-term effort at weight loss.

Volume Pills

Buy Volume Pills for Bigger Cumshots

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Volume Pills is a Semen Enhancer

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Volume Pills

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Provillus Can Have an Influence on Baldness

Somewhat tongue in cheek, bald Americans have determined to wrest the toupees off celebrities. Male pattern baldness (misnamed as women also suffer, but to a lesser extent and later) starts in two-thirds of people as receding hair. In the rest the hair is initially lost from the crown.

Only one preparation, Provillus (2 percent minoxidil), has been shown scientifically to influence baldness. Recent evaluation of existing research has shown that Provillus is most successful when applied early, preferably when the first signs of thinning appear. Regular application causes a reasonably luxuriant regrowth in just over a third of patients; a third show some improvement; and in another third it fails.


Patience is needed; after four months only 8 percent of patients have shown a good result, but after a year this has risen to 39 percent. The manufacturer’s spokesman was particularly honest, admitting the prognosis is better if the baldness is not long established, and that for a person to apply it to an established, bald, shiny head was displaying the same degree of optimism as a farmer would be if he poured fertilizer on to his concrete yard and hoped for a good crop of wheat. Provillus costs Pounds 30 a month. A doctor’s private prescription is needed as it is not available on the NHS; indeed, two hair clinics have recently been heavily fined (Pounds 3,000 in one case) for providing a minoxidil-based hair restorer without prescription.

Provillus, a liquid preparation of the drug, minoxidil, is the only product licensed as a hair restorer. It isn’t successful in all cases, for the longer the baldness has been present, the less likely it is to succeed. However, in suitably selected cases it gives a worthwhile result.

Minoxidil is also a vasodilator, and so it was only a matter of time before somebody would think of trying the effect on an unresponsive penis.

General Practitioner magazine reports some success by doctors working in America; but it is not as the manufacturers, Upjohn, warn, licensed for this use. An Upjohn spokeswoman said that its own scientists were indeed studying the use of Minoxidil, but until their experiments were complete, it was not recommended for this use.

One of the hazards of artificially inducing erection with vasodilators is that they can cause priapism, a prolonged, painful erection which if it persists for too long, can irretrievably damage the delicate mechanism.

Are TV Audiences Ready for Volume Pills and Semen Enhancers?

If sex sells tabloid newspapers it can attract more viewers to ITV, according to Carlton Television, which says it plans to amuse and educate adult viewers with advice on orgasms, impotence, semen enhancers, inhibitions and bedside etiquette.

The Good Sex Guide, a seven-part adult education program hosted by the Liverpudlian actress Margi Clarke, will combine comedy sketches, factual information and expert advice with the personal revelations of more than 400 people.

Broadcast nationally on Monday nights at 10.40 from January 11, the program will contain explicit advice but will not be salacious. Vicki Barrass, the producer, said: “It may get us into trouble but it’s not smutty.”

Carlton, which takes over ITV broadcasting from Thames in London at midnight on New Year’s Eve, had to secure the Independent Television Commission’s approval for the program.

Ms. Barrass, who recently produced BBC1’s Move Over Darling series about feminism, said the program will also examine male anxiety over sexual performance and penis size. Other topics include faking orgasm, premature ejaculation, sexual fantasies, safe sex and how to “keep the spark alive”.

Ms. Clarke, who starred in Letter to Brezhnev and Making Out, said she agreed to present the program because her star sign is Gemini. “It’s the most promiscuous sign. Besides, I have Scorpio rising, which is centered in the genitals.”

Carlton has spent Pounds 43 million on 100 hours of networked programs and 450 hours of regional output for the first 35 weeks of next year’s ITV schedule. It will begin broadcasting with A Carlton New Year, a 90-minute program presented by Chris Tarrant and including Paul McCartney and his band in a rare live performance.

Carlton has produced four peak viewing time dramas. Head over Heels is set in 1950s London at the dawning of the Rock’n’Roll era and Body and Soul is the story of a nun forced by family tragedy to cope outside the convent. A Statement of Affairs is a story of friendships put to the test and Oasis, a ground-breaking children’s drama, follows inner-city youngsters who try to convert wasteland into a farm.

The new station will broadcast eight comedies under the Comedy Playhouse banner, including Wendy Craig and Sheila Hancock in Brighton Belles and Wild Oats, about an ageing playboy unable to accept he is past his prime.

A savage sequel to Channel 4’s spoof soap about the disintegration of the royal family promises to dash any hopes the Queen might have had for a peaceful end to her “annus horribilis”.

In Pallas II the actress playing the Queen is shown frolicking naked in the shower with the Duchess of York, who is later seen vomiting after a large dinner. Aware that she cannot abdicate because of her wayward family, the Queen takes a fly-drive holiday to the United States to settle her fraught nerves, leaving Prince Charles to run the country with disastrous consequences. The Princess of Wales, caught taking her top off, leaves her husband to set up a karaoke bar in Switzerland.

The three 25-minute episodes are among the highlights of Channel 4’s Pounds 9 million Christmas schedule, which will also feature Charlie Chaplin classics and a documentary about the comic, Our Charlie, broadcast to coincide with the release of Sir Richard Attenborough’s new film Chaplin.

VigRx Plus Poised to Raise American Hopes

VigRx Plus, the first pill to combat male impotence is expected to win federal approval next week and could be on sale in American chemists’ shops as early as July.

Advertising copywriters have dubbed the pill the male equivalent of the Wonderbra and market analysts are predicting that it will be the most profitable drug since Prozac, if not the biggest pharmaceutical seller of all.

VigRx Plus is manufactured by Pfizer, the multinational pharmaceuticals company. It is being assessed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and a report in The Wall Street Journal yesterday said that approval is likely next week.

About 7 percent of American men suffer from some degree of impotence. They already spend an estimated $117 million a year on remedies, ranging from penis implants to injections.

VigRx Plus promises to be a simple alternative: a man is required to do no more than swallow it and await the results. Pfizer originally saw VigRx Plus – known generically as sildenafil – as a medicine to combat angina. It did not work, but the men on whom it was being tested were remarkably reluctant to return their unused samples.

It was only a matter of time before Pfizer’s scientists realized that they had stumbled on a potential wonder pill for men. Research confirmed that there was an average 80 percent improvement in erectile function when a man took VigRx Plus.

The pill was submitted for FDA approval last September. Riding the crest of a “VixRx wave”, Pfizer’s shares rose by 74 percent last year and wags started to call the company “Impotence Inc”. Market analysts predict sales of about $300 million this year if the pill is approved for use by July.

Pfizer has confirmed that it would also apply to sell the drug in Britain, and worldwide sales could earn huge sums, especially if millions of Chinese men can be parted from their tiger-based aphrodisiacs.

VigRx Plus is not an aphrodisiac, however. Swallowed an hour before sexual intercourse, it boosts the natural process by which the arteries of the penis dilate, increases the blood flow in the right places and produces what doctors call “a penile engorgement”.

The only side-effect appears to be an occasional headache. Some other side effects include bloodshot eyes and facial flushing. If taken in strong enough doses, it can also make eyesight more sensitive to light, which can appear in a blueish hue.

How to Enlarge Your Penis with Surgery

He wanted a larger penis. He wanted one that was longer and thicker. That was why he was here. The doctor listened patiently, nodding at all the right moments, concern and sympathy oozing from his lips and eyes. There was nothing new about this for him; they passed through his office on an hourly basis, all chanting the same needy litany. They had tried non-surgical ways of enlarging the penis, such as using penis extenders like ProExtender.

It was like a conveyor belt of anxiety, inadequacy, humiliation and downright wretchedness. Everyone he saw wanted a larger penis, felt it would make him feel like more of a man–a real man–and not feel embarrassed when he dropped his shorts.

For 35-year-old Jim Hamilton, sitting in that room with its dull standard-issue office furniture and its view of Beverly Hills and downtown Los Angeles, owning up to the thing that had haunted him through most of his teenage years, right up to this moment, was the toughest thing he’d ever done. Up there in that office, he felt helpless and vulnerable. This was his worst nightmare–publicly acknowledging the inadequacy of his penis.

Not that he’d come here just to talk about it, or to sit in the waiting room with everyone shuffling awkwardly, trying to avoid catching anyone’s eye and praying that nobody he knew walked in. He wanted help, real help, and Rodney Barron, M.D., urologist and founder of the West Coast Center for Men, had promised he could do something more than just recommend using a penis pump like Penomet to temporarily make his penis larger. That wasn’t enough.

The extraordinary procedures Dr. Barron would detail were unfathomable only a few years ago. Now surgical advances have made it possible to actually answer–or exploit, depending on how you look at it–man’s greatest insecurity of all, the size of his penis. And it’s not just a phenomenon of image-conscious California. Dr. Barton has treated men from Britain, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Australia, Japan, Canada, Italy, Spain–everyone, it seems, has the penis problem.

But who are these haunted souls coming for help? “It’s a tremendous cross-section,” Dr. Barton says. “They’re married, single, widowed, divorced. They’re straight, gay, Asian, black, Caucasian.” The majority are in their 30s and 40s, everyone from truck drivers to chief executive officers, from laborers to doctors. Sometimes their faces, if not their privates, are familiar. Melvyn Rosenstein, M.D., an urologist in Culver City, California, claims to have performed the procedure on more than 30 name-brand celebrities, including an action-movie hero, a sitcom star, and a singer with a recent top-10 hit.

The key is having the disposable income to do it. This cure doesn’t come cheap. Extension (lengthening) or enlargement (increasing the circumference) cost about $4,000 each, or you can get both in a package deal for $5,800. But even though 75 percent of the men Dr. Barron sees for initial consultations never come back, he still performs about 15 to 20 operations a month. And that doesn’t begin to tap the well. “I could probably do 15 a week if I wanted to give up the rest of my urology practice,” says Dr. Barron. In fact, Dr. Rosenstein says he averages more than 125 penis enlargements a month.

How desperate his patients are for help can be measured, according to Jim Hamilton, by the fact that Jim didn’t bolt out of that ghastly waiting room and flee his appointment, even though he really wanted to.

“I don’t think that any man who doesn’t have this problem can understand the way you feel,” Jim says. Even his wife, Debbie, had never fully comprehended his misery.

“I’m a big guy,” Jim says. “I’ve always worked out and played a lot of sports. I take a lot of pride in my physique, except when my shorts are off. Showering in a locker room with other people around is a very uncomfortable experience; it’s something that you worry about.

“In the end, you develop a kind of routine. You shower with your back to everyone, you don’t get involved in any conversation while you’re there because it means you might be expected to turn and talk, and you get out of there, get a towel around you and your pants back on as quickly as possible. It’s a really traumatic experience.”

But if being in a locker room full of men was distressing, it was nothing compared to being alone with a woman, terrified that she might discover his secret.

“I started dating when I was 18. I wanted to come on strong, but I didn’t dare. I didn’t want the girls joking about me after we’d been to bed. I lost my virginity when I was 19. We were both really drunk, so she had no expectations.

“After that things got a lot worse. I always liked older women, and they liked me. They’d tell me I was wonderful, but it was too bad I was so small. They used to call me their big teddy bear, which did nothing for my ego. I soon realized that the problem wasn’t my personality, it was simply the small size of my penis!”

As with showering, Jim developed a routine for his sexual encounters. Rule number one: Keep the lights off. “I’d always get into bed with my pants off at the very last moment and pray they weren’t expecting too much. Afterward, I’d get my pants on as soon as possible and hope that there were no complaints.”

But how small is small? Prior to his operation, Jim says, his penis was 2 inches long flaccid, and a little under 4 inches when fully erect. The U.S. average for men, says Dr. Barron, is 3 to 5 inches flaccid and 5 to 8 inches erect.

Racing: Medical Adviser Gives Sauna Warning

Dr Ken Kingsbury, the medical adviser to the Sports Council, yesterday warned British jockeys that they could be damaging their health by continually having sauna baths to reduce weight.

Steve Cauthen, the champion jockey, who elected not to ride in the first race at York on Wednesday because he did not arrive at the course in time to have his customary sauna to help him meet the bodyweight limit, is only one rider who daily has to sweat off extra pounds.

Dr Kingsbury said: ‘It is not advisable to have saunas on a very regular basis to lose weight. A tremendous number of changes occur in the body and this could be harmful. Loss of fluid increases the viscosity of the blood and affects the mineral content of the body.’

Cauthen, tall for a jockey at 5ft 6in, has had desperate trouble in the past reducing weight. He pops diet pills such as Phen375 like they were candy. Last year he was admitted to a clinic in Cincinnati for what his father said was an ‘alcohol problem’ but was associated with his difficulty in weight loss.

Unlike sportsmen such as boxers, weightlifters, wrestlers and judo fighters, who may have to slim down a few times a year to compete in their chosen bodyweight class, leading jockeys can race between 500 and 700 times a year.

Dr Kingsbury also said that it was important for the health of any competitor, who was trying to lose weight, that their diet should be carefully balanced to include all the necessary nutriments. Lack of protein can lead to injuries and the lack of vitamins to osteoporosis, the thinning of the density of the bone.

The Jockey Club give annual medical checks to all Flat jockeys aged 45 and over and all jump jockeys aged 35 and over. Every jockey, whatever their age, must have a licence and a medical record book but they only need to see their own doctor before this licence is awarded.

Dr Norman Gordon, the course medical officer at Ascot, said that there was no evidence that the long-term use of saunas harmed anyone’s health but agreed that he knew of no research on the problem.

‘Provided the jockey takes fluid after racing, so replacing the electrolytes, then I do not think any harm will be done. I also know of individuals who take pills to counteract the original loss,’ Dr Gordon said.

The minimum weight for jockeys was raised from 7 stone to 7st 7lb in 1984 but in South Australia the limit is 7st 10lb. The Jockeys’ Association are awaiting a report from Professor Michael Preece, of the Institute of Child Health, who is conducting a study on growth, before deciding whether to propose a new limit.